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Aerial photography and images of Northern Ireland
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Aerial Photography in Northern Ireland

In order to get great aerial images there is nothing better than perfect weather conditions. We suggest waiting for a clear blue sky, unlimited visibility and a light wind. Clouds are nice to look at but give ground shadow which can deter from the final photograph.

However perfect conditions are generally rare and certainly short lived, therefore we have to compromise, especially if the work is urgent. So long as the wind is within limits for take-off and landing, and we have a reasonable day with good visibility, we may be able to supply suitable images. This will be discussed before any preparations for flying are finalised. If you request us to shoot during poor weather, we cannot guarantee that the images will be as you would expect, and should a re-shoot be necessary it should be noted that, that will be at your expense.

Aerial Images NI can also provide the use of a unique 50' Telescoping mast which is perfect for stunning low level aerial photos without the high risk and cost of Helicopters or Airplanes (fixed wing). These unique photos are great for business, estate brokers and agents, homeowners, landlords, commercial property owners, solicitors and others. The pneumatic mast is a little different in that weather conditions are less critical. We will shoot in all weathers up to a wind speed of 15kts to a height of approximately 50ft. The mast system can also be used indoors for events or a different perspective to the photographic shoot.
We offer a fast service and very high quality photography at very affordable prices.