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This page will answer some of the questions we are most often asked.

How many pictures will you take ?

There are no limits on the number of images recorded. Every commission will usually have two circuits flown. The first circuit will generally show the location, general geography and surrounding landscape of the area. Second circuit is much tighter to show the building or site in greater detail. All successful images are yours to print and use, royalty free.

How long is the turnaround on my pictures ?

Taking the photographs depends mainly on waiting for the right weather. The main requirements are clear, sunny days. Good visibility and even lighting are the minimum requirements. Once we have taken the pictures, images on CD will be despatched within two days. If prints are required please allow approximately 7 days.

Can you do verticals or only oblique ?

If circumstances are correct we will attempt to shoot vertical images. However we do not guarantee a totally vertical image. Generally all of our aerial commissions are shot at an angle to the subject ( oblique ).

Can we travel with you ?

As much as we would appreciate your company, aerial photography has its dangers. We carry a lot of equipment which takes up additional space with the aircraft cabin. Unfortunately that restricts space for passengers. But more importantly if there is a weather window we shoot the commission. Awaiting your arrival or scheduling to your time, that weather window may be missed. We can however make the necessary arrangements with the airport should you like to experience a flight.

Do we supply images for free use ?

The cost of flying is very expensive with each client shoot generally spending £275 and upwards. The charge being by the hour or part of which our clients pay. Whilst I appreciate that aerial images are different and nice to look at we don’t supply any images free of charge no matter what the use is.

More questions ?

If you have any other questions please telephone us on 02891 888849